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What is Super Sketchy Party?

Super Sketchy Party is an implementation of a Drawing Guessing Game, not unlike Pictionary. What is great about Super Sketchy Party is that you can play it online with your friends with your computer and your smartphone.

Super Sketchy Party supports crossplay with multiple friends in the same place and online combined in an easy way. Players can join a party locally or from anywhere with their own devices (no streaming required).


- Realtime Multiplayer with your friends remote and on the same couch - Supports all major devices - Multi-Language support - Community Content - Available on Steam

What do I need? How does it work?

For the best experience we recommend using a computer for the watch mode as a display of the game and a smartphone as the controller. Since the objective of the game is to draw something, you'll get better results with you fingers on your smartphone instead of a mouse on a computer.

One player has to create a party and the other players have to join via their smartphone and watch via their computers if you aren't in the same room. Use the Party Code in the upper right for that and after everybody is there, start the game and it'll guide you from there.

Created by Elusive Drafts.